How to Use an Epilator Without Any Pain

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While waxing may demand an hour of your time in the salon each month, and a razor may bring back the same amount of fur within a month, an epilator spares you from having to spend at a salon each month. And you will not have to put up with the side effects of razors or other waxing creams.

All you need is an epilator and the proper technique in using it. You may get impatient at first. But with repeated trials and proper guidance, you will soon use your epilator like a pro. We are here to give you this guidance through this article on how to use an epilator.

So, if you are new to using an epilator or just about to buy one, then read on. This article is just for you:

What is Epilation?

Epilation is nothing but hair removal from the roots. We usually do this with an electronic device, which we call an epilator. Epilators are available in different types today. You have wet and dry epilators that you can use in the shower. You have epilators with different attachments to suit different parts of your body and various other advanced features.

Choosing the right epilator that goes with your needs is one of the first steps to the right epilation. We shall see this in the next part of the article.

How To Use An Epilator In 10 Easy Steps

Now that you know what is an epilator, and how it works, let us look at how you can get this device to work on your skin:

Step 1: Get the Right Epilator

There are various factors that you need to determine before you get yourself an epilator. Some of them include the area you want to epilate, the method you choose, and so on.

Today, you have wet and dry epilators that are cordless and can easily be used in the shower to save time and give you a refreshing shave as you go.

If you are looking for an epilator to use on different parts of your body, you have those that come with several attachments, for various parts of your body from your face to the bikini area.

So, ensure that you look at as many features and conduct thorough research on the different brands and models available in the market to determine the best one for you.

And with that, do not forget to keep in mind your budget as epilators come in different price ranges.

Step 2: Pre-Shave

It is a fact that epilation is one of the more painful ways of hair removal, unlike waxing stripes that get pulled out one by one in a matter of moments and shavers and hair removal creams that seem like pure bliss. But these do not promise the benefits of an epilator, so this is one way out: pre-shave!

Pre-Shaving is a good option if you have a lot of hair at first. You could get rid of it all the first time and then slowly introduce your skin to the epilator as the first hairs grow.

Doing this can save you from that painful first session that can make you dread and hate using your epilator.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Some people believe in exfoliating the skin after using an epilator. But, following this practice before epilation can make your epilator more effective in working on your skin.

As an epilator does not use wax that moisturizes and smoothens the skin, it is helpful to treat any issues like ingrown hairs and other dead skin cells that can tend to come in the way.

Step 4: Stay Cool and Calm

Now, I know how it is going to be for first-time users. If you are one, you would possibly scream for the entire neighborhood even before the device starts.

If that is the case, how are you going to get to use the epilator? There is an entire arm and another one to go.

So, stay calm! It is not so bad. Start by working on small sections, one at a time, and move slowly and steadily, till you get used to the pain, and then move much faster to use your epilator like a pro.

Step 5: Hold Steady

The most effective way to use an epilator is by holding it at an angle of 90 degrees. Do not press the device too hard against your skin, as this can reduce the effectiveness. Hold it loosely over as you run the epilator along your body and pluck the hairs along the way.

Step 6: Hold the Skin Taut

Another thing that you need to be mindful of when using an epilator is keeping your skin taut. Regular care of your skin is one way to do this. Nourish your skin with the right creams and lotions to keep it healthy and taut at all times for this.

Step 7: Take Direction

The direction is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to using an epilator. Many women run the device opposite the direction of hair growth as they find that it works better and much faster.

However, this is because it cuts the hair in the process as it goes. So, while this gets the job done much faster, we cannot exactly say that it is more effective.

Instead, the right way to do this is to run the epilator in the direction of the hair growth. This way, the hair gets removed from the root, the way it should, making the process and the epilator more effective in delivering the right results to you.

Step 8: Go Slowly

Ensure that you set apart the right amount of time before using your epilator. Hurriedly running your epilator over your legs and hands half an hour before you leave for a party may not be the best idea or an effective way to use your epilator.

Step 9: Moisturize

Now, many first-time users may experience some form of itching redness and other forms of irritation when you use your epilator.

One way out of this is giving your skin the nourishment that it needs. You can do this after you use your epilator. And with the number of creams and other moisturizers available out there, this should not be difficult.

Take the time to find out which of them best works for your skin. Make sure that you use it as soon as you finish using your epilator.

Step 10: Clean Your Epilator

Now, using an epilator may be a lot of time-consuming work and a lot of us would be glad to stash away the device and not give it another glance for the next fortnight or so, thinking that you are done and had enough with it.

But not so fast! There is something more important to do. It will not take a lot of your time but is nevertheless a must. And that is to brush away all that remaining hair so that it does not spoil your device over time.

And as many epilator sets come with brushes and other cleaning paraphernalia designed just for this, this should not be difficult.

A few minutes of your time are all it is going to take and yet, will go a long way in making your epilator more durable.

So, do not forget this part in the end!

How to Epilate: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does epilating last?

Epilating can give you some of the best results, compared to all other forms of hair removal, like shaving and even waxing. It is one form of hair removal that works by pulling the hair out from the roots.

It also means that you also have the added benefit of your hair growth reducing over time. All this makes epilation one of the best forms of hair removal out there.

How often should you epilate?

It mainly depends on how your hair grows. It depends on how often it grows back and how thick it appears on your skin. So, if you have a lot of fur on your hand, don’t worry, you can use your epilator as often as possible, and you will find yourself using it less often over time.

Do epilators cause ingrown hairs?

Well, this is one of the cons you have to put up with, but that does not mean that it cannot be prevented or even treated. These ingrown hairs appear mainly dues to the hair getting pulled by the roots.

This makes it very important to exfoliate your skin before using an epilator. This not only makes your work easier. It also prevents any chances of those ingrown hairs that we dread.

Does epilating hurt?

Yes, epilating hurts, because we are not here to be dishonest. Epilating can be one of the more painful forms of hair reveal, as we said above. But the good news is that there are ways to work around this pain.

One way out of this is to get a wet and dry epilator that you can work with under running water, for much-reduced pain.

Another way out is to exfoliate your skin. You can pre-shave the first time if there is too much hair. Use proper methods of epilating as directed above. Finally, do not forget to give your skin nourishment before going under the epilator.

And with that, we hope that you are ready and confident to use the epilator.

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