Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Those natural curly hairs look stunning, but it is absolutely a great idea to make things a little bit up. Curly hairs are quite delicate and complex to handle. Therefore it is good to use a perfect straightener or flat iron for your curly hair. The best one will let you control the temperature and curl or straighten your hairs as much as possible. There will not be any break of your curly hair and it will also keep it frizz.

The flat iron actually works well although sometime it may seem odd to use this. You can go with this curl process by taking your hair in one-inch sections from the neck area and by placing it gently in between the clamps of your flat iron. And then twist your wrist and allow your hair to go over the iron. It will provide a nice curl.

5 Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair

The best flat irons come in different options and varieties. You will also come across different price range and budget. Here we have picked 5 best flat iron for curly hair. Go through the guide and find the best one for yourself.

1. HSI Professional Titanium Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The HSI Professional Titanium Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener is made with an exclusive design which offers the required smoothness and it is one of the best flat iron that offers soft and shiny hair.

The one-inch sized and well-designed plates of this flat iron are capable of providing maximum control. It is also compatible with all sorts of hair without any hassles.

This flat iron from HSI comes with tourmaline titanium plates which offers the much needed straightened look. There is an LCD temperature control system on the machine by which you can regulate the temperature between 240 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

With HSI Professional Titanium Tourmaline Iconic Flat hair straightener you can make various curls and straightened look. It uses infrared technology to smooth your hair quite easily.

The HSI is undoubtedly one of the front-leading companies in the field of making people stylish with its amazing range of products. So you can go with this flat iron variant and make your hairs curl or straight as per your requirements.

2. BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron

The Bio Ionic one pass straightening iron is an excellent product for curly hair. As its name suggests you can pass this iron only once and get desired straight hair with ease.

The plates of this iron are made of ceramic and go gently on your curly hair along with its silicone speed strips. Whereas the ceramic plates generate negative ions to offer smooth and shiny hair by going against the humidity to give you the best result.

You can get a maximum temperature of 400 Fahrenheit through the ceramic plates and it has the capability to distribute the heat evenly all over your curly hair. The plates of this flat iron are made up of silicon strips which increases the tension and go through your hair quite smoothly. There will be very little passes on your hair.

Do not worry, if you have a high amount of curly hair, as you can adjust the heat to the higher temperature up to a low temperature of 240 Fahrenheit. You can also get a firmer grip with this iron so that there will not be any dropping issues.

Bio Ionic hair straightener furnishes a nine-foot cord and you can rotate this at 360 degrees with ease. With this feature, you can also use this flat iron easily.

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron

The Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium flat iron provides a good hair straightening power and also offers frizz-free hair. If you have thicker or dense hair then go with this hair straightener. This flat iron comes with a limited high-temperature feature. If you are looking for a powerful flat iron then this one is surely for you.

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium flat iron is one of the best options for those curly hairs as well as one of the best digital straighteners available in the market. The plates of this machine are made up of Titanium and the heater is made of ceramic. It is equipped with a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and it is quite suitable to make your curly hair look stylish and shine.

The Titanium plates are perfect for making your curly hairs shinning and healthy. You can set the heating temperature as per your requirement. The curved border of this iron is for straightening and curling.

The handle of this flat iron is quite easy to use and stay coll during operation. You can get a comfortable result with its frizz free operation and minimal damage.

With Babyliss you will get 12 different sets of temperature up to a maximum temperature of 455 degrees F. it is good for Keratin bonding treatments and it is also one of the best professional flat iron for salon use as well.

4. LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener

Lumabella Leratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener is one of the best flat iron for your curly hairs. Its ceramic made plates furnish micro-conditioners and offers healthy and glossy hair.

This flat iron apart from straightening, intensify your hair and protect your hair from any kind of damage and breakage. LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch flat iron furnished with high-tech features and good result. It houses Keratin which is known as the powerhouse nutrient for hairstyling.

The heat sensor of this flat iron senses excessive heat and adjust the same as per the requirement to your hair. The Keratin micro-conditioners guards your hair against the oil residues and enhance the life as well.

This dual touch flat iron offers high-quality heat along with good damage protection to keep your hair healthy and shine. The ceramic plates of this straightener furnished with Keratin micro-conditioners.

The plate size, as well as style, provides you a wide range of styling options like straight and sleek or curling.

5. Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener by Isa Professional

Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener by Isa Professional furnishes mirror titanium plates and one of the most efficient flat hair iron to offer a great solution to your curly hair.

This flat hair iron comes with an LCD display and comes with an adjustable temperature feature. In this hair straightener, you can regulate your temperature in between 265 degrees F to 450 degrees F with its temperature control function.

This flat iron for curly hair comes with a warranty of 2 years and much reliable to use. Apart from all these features, this hair straightener comes with a modern design and a comfortable grip which you can use this easily.

The Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener comes with mirror titanium plates and offers smooth hair with ease. The tapered plates are quite capable of styling larger sections of hair and goes close to the roots.

It comes with a Neon background LCD display and quite faster and safe for straightening your hair.


Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair: Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair?

While looking for a flat iron for maintaining your curly hair, you should check various crucial factors which will be easy for you to find the best one. Here are the factors that you should check.

  • Plate Size

Before buying the best flat iron for curly hair looking after the plate size is highly essential. Keep this in your mind that never go for large plate size. For long and thick hair choose the plate size which comes with one inch or one-fourth inch in size.

  • Plate Material

The plate material of a flat iron usually made up of titanium, ceramic or sometimes combined with titanium. But among all a ceramic flat iron is the best selection for curly hair and for heating. A ceramic plate goes through your hair quite perfectly.

On the other hand always go with negative ion-inducing plates, combined with tourmaline which gives much-needed shine to your hair.

  • Adjustable Temperature Control

You should consider a flat iron that comes with adjustable temperature control. The straightener should have high-temperature range maximum up to 450 degrees F. it is always essential to check its minimum temperature and set your straightening temperature up to a set temperature for curling your hair. With adjustable temperature control, you can set your iron on low at first and then can increase the temperature once the fluid passes for straightening your hair.

The temperature depends on the thickness of your hair and on the strength of your curl pattern. Consider a flat iron with low or higher temperature depending upon your hair.

  • Digital Display

It is always good to choose a flat iron with a digital display, as it will help to check the heat of the straightener every time. It will be easy to know the status of your flat iron with s digital display. It also shows the exact temperature.

  • Travel-friendly

Flat iron or a hair straightener is always essential, and you may need anytime to make ready your curly hairs. So you must choose a hair straightener that is compact and easy to carry on the go. A travel-friendly flat iron will be useful during travel and require less space so that it will not be a burden anytime.

  • Budget

There is a wide range of flat iron available in the market according to its features, prices, and specifications. You will find hair straightener at different prices. But it is not true that a higher priced flat iron does not offer all the benefits. So check the price and features of flat iron and then only go with the best one. First of all, check the features and its specification apart from price. Price and quality of a flat iron are not proportional always.

How to straighten curly hair without damaging it?

Straightening your curly hair is not a complicated process now-a-days. But the thing is you have to follow certain guidelines which will help you to get the best result without damaging your hair.

Making your hair ready and by straightening is not for a single day, it is for your life always. So it is advisable to take care of your hair every time. If you have curly hair, then it is better to use a shampoo and conditioner which is suitable to fight against frizz.

It is true that extensive use of flat iron, as well as heat, can damage your hair. But with proper guidelines, you can keep your hair safe from any kind of damages. Here are the ways to straighten your hair without causing any sort of damage to your hair.

Use Keratin based shampoo and conditioner for your hair for shiny and smooth hair. Keratin is highly responsible for getting shiny hair. So before heating or straightening your hair use these types of shampoo for a better result. In addition to that, you must condition your hair which moisturizes your hair. It also enhances the life of your hair and keeps it healthy.

Secondly, always use a good protectant for your hair which protects your hair from extreme temperature. The protectants like Moroccan Argon oil, Aloe Vera provides good protection to your hair and gives a shiny and strong look.

Always section your hair during straightening. It saves much of your time and gives a better look as well. Downing your hair while straightening will take a longer time as compared to sectioning. And you cannot get evenly heat all over your hair as well.

If you are looking for hair straightening without affecting your hair, then always choose a flat iron made up of ceramic plates. It furnishes micro sensors for checking the heat and protect your hair from any kind of damages. It also guards your hair against high heat.

Hair is quite delicate and prone to danger most of the times. Therefore always try to straighten your hair a few times only. The more you use a flat iron the more damage you will attract. So try to expose your hair to heat when you highly need it. On the other hand, choose a flat iron that is capable of straightening your hair quickly and efficiently.

Another way to straighten your hair without damaging is by restoring it. Go with a simple coconut oil treatment if you have dry hair. The coconut oil is made up of extra virgin coconut oil and provides better and glossy hair.

For better straightening always make your hair dry with a proper dryer. You can get a good result for your curly hair with perfect drying. You can use some natural products as well for drying your hair quickly and effectively. Apart from that always choose a good dryer for drying and smoothing your hair. You can also go with various smoothing concentrator as well for smooth and soft hair.

Last but not least always use a good brush to protect your hair from the dryers. Choose a robust and round brush which can provide good airflow and less hair pulling.


If you are looking for the best flat irons to treat your curly hair, then look nowhere else other than this guide. I think this will provide you a good insight to find the best one for you. The flat iron models reviewed here are capable of providing stylish as well as smooth hair and suits all those professional requirements as well.

These are good for daily use and you can try these straighteners with ease without damaging your valuable and stylish hair.

Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair Reviews 2019

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