Best Epilator for Underarms

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Removing hair from unwanted places is a desire of everyone. If you ask somebody for the best solution to it, they’ll recommend a lot. One of the costliest but effective methods is laser hair removal. Other ways like using a electric razor, allowing wax is there too.

But the problem with these methods is time and rashes. Sometimes a wrong move can cut the sensitive areas. The consequences will be painful. That’s why you should try something that has safe, easy to do, will be done within minutes, and very cheap. Don’t worry, Epilator is there for you.

This electrical instrument can remove the hairs within a glance. It removes the hairs from the root, so you can have a clean surface for a long time. A strong grip is attached to it so that you can reach where your hands are not going properly.

What are The Best Epilators for Underams?

A bunch of branded products is available. But which one will be best for you? Here in this article, you’ll have 3 names. All the features and advantages of these three products are given below. Let’s see.

1. Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Epilator


  • This item is cordless and builds on a battery-based system. A portable charger will be given. The device runs on a lithium-ion battery.
  • It’s very light weighted. The weight is near about 0.5 kg.
  • Short hair removal technology is being included in it. It is effective up to 0.5 mm hair length.
  • Closed grip tweezers are available at the tip of the epilator.
  • It can be used for both wet and dry areas.
  • Additionally, a facial cleansing brush is being added with it.


  • Because of its wide tip, it can cover a wide area at one move. The tweezers are very strong and can give clean shaves at places.
  • Most of the users appreciate, its fastest cleaning method within minutes. The most interesting thing is, it never causes pain.
  • Those who are willing to wash themselves out during taking bath will help them as both wet and dry features are being added.
  • It will make your areas clean and give a smooth surface. It can wipe out a maximum of 0.5mm long hair. These will be uprooted completely. So for the next 4 weeks, you don’t have to touch these areas.
  • A new feature is given to the product of face cleansing. So to have a clean glossy face, you must try it out.
  • It is very light weighted and has a portable charger. So, whenever you are going out, it can still be with you. It will occupy a little place in your luggage. One lithium battery will help you to keep it long.


  • For those who have long hair, it will be harsh. Use scissors to make it short. Then use it.
  • Those who are using it for the first time may face some irritation or pain. But compared to other devices, here pain will be negligible. And from next time, no pain will be felt by the users.

2. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine


  • This is a branded product from Emjoi. It is made of stainless steel. The grip is strong and long-lasting.
  • It is an electric trimmer. It has a powerful battery for portable reasons.
  • The tweezers are made of soft Ingredients because it is specially made for lips, eyebrows, nose hair, and other areas of the face. It can be used in sensitive areas too.
  • The criss-cross formation at the tip will help you to have advanced griping. Effective in case of uprooting the hairs from the base. The dual opposed 72 technology makes this device more helpful.
  • Its Weight is near about 408 gm.


  • As the main component is stainless steel, so it will last for a long. Proper insulators are being used inside, so it won’t be a reason for electric shock.
  • Generally, no instructions are given regarding wet use. But as rubber grip and insulator are there, so it is harmless. And for dry cleansing, it is perfect.
  • As the product is very light weighted, it is easy to carry. A portable charger will be given with it. All over the whole product will consume a very little place. Add a high-power battery to use it long.
  • As 72 Dual opposed is being used in the construction, it will remove all the hair from the root. Even the tweezers are perfectly blended with the device. So that even you are using it on the face and sensitive areas, it won’t cause any harm.
  • A painless hair removal experience will make the user satisfied.


  • As too many tweezers are being used for some of this product, it can cause enough friction on the skin. A double tweezer will be good to avoid irritation.
  • Though it depends on the user’s preference but using a big head epilator can be tough to remove hair in bikini lines.
  • As it is not cordless, it is better to avoid wet cleaning. As no restrictions are given from their side, it is better to cautious. For dry cleaning it is perfect.

3. Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator


  • The body is made of ceramic.
  • It is available in cordless mode. Double ceramic tweezing blades are being used here.
  • The tip of the device is not too wide compared to others. But still, it can pull a massive number of hairs die to double wheel ceramic rotation.
  • High power battery is given here. Lithium-ion composition battery will last longer. The battery is rechargeable.
  • This device is suitable for both dry and wet situations.
  • Additional products will be given with it. One drawstring carry pouch and two precision caps will be given with it.
  • Two buttons are there to decide the speed. Users can choose the speed by selecting Number 1 or Number 2.
  • The battery indicating smart light is attached to it.


  • It can be used in legs, underarms, sensitive places, and on the face. As double ceramic tweezing blades are being used here, a completely clean surface will be achieved.
  • The extra-wide tip if the device will catch more amount of hair in a single rotation.
  • The battery is long-lasting. For the next 40 minutes, it will provide a consistent service. No matter What the speed is set, it will give you enough time.
  • It is very light Weighed. So it can be carried anywhere. A drawstring carry pouch will be offered with this. So, dust and no allergens will be stored on the face.
  • Two precession caps are being given with the product for sensitive areas. For face and bikini lines, you can use this device.
  • Both dry and wet uses can be done through this device. For those who prefer bathroom use, it will be a perfect choice.


  • Sometimes the double wheel unable to catch extremely fine hair. People with less dense hair have this problem.
  • It can break the coarse hair.
  • While doing wet cleaning, the number of swipes required is more than the dry cleaning.
  • Regular exfoliation is needed to avoid ingrown hair.


Use any of these three products and have a smooth clean figure. Despite having some negativities, these three are still the best epilators for underarms. Many are getting benefits from these, now it’s your turn. Have a bright full experience.

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