Best Epilator for Brazilian – Consider Getting An Epilator!

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So, you’re tired of heading to the salon each time you see those first few hairs that make it impossible to get into a bikini. And you’re looking for something better than a electric razor that’s only going to be worse.

If the above is true, then you’re on the right page. It’s time to switch epilators, those devices that come with tweezers that pull your hair from the root, resulting in a thinner growth over time and give you the convenience of working on your own bikini area in the privacy of your own bathroom.

That being said, the following are three of the best epilators that you can consider for a Brazilian before you buy the one that is best suited for you. But before that, let’s move on to clear one big question:

Can I Use An Epilator For a Brazilian?

And the answer is yes, you can use an epilator for a Brazilian, provided you use the right one and not just anything that you would normally use to wax your hands and your legs, thus causing damage that we don’t have to talk about, do we?

And this should not be a problem, as today, you have some of the most reliable and convenient epilators for waxing bikini lines, with features that are going to make you look forward to using them rather than putting it off each week until you find yourself forced to hide inside granny pants.

3 Best Epilators for Brazilian

That being said, you can now read on to consider the features of the three epilators we have for you, to make a choice and buy an epilator that suits your needs best. Here we go:

1. Braun Silk Epil 9

One among Braun’s many smart epilators, this one, is designed to pull out even the finest hairs for a thorough removal that is more long-lasting, giving you a smooth skin that can last for about a month.

The epilator comes with a wide head with deep tweezers to pull out more hair at a stroke, leaving you with smoother skin at a much faster speed.

At the same time, the epilator also has an intelligent sensor that uses just the right amount of pressure needed in the process. There are two speed settings, so you can choose whether you want a gentler or a more efficient epilation.

You can now pull out even the shortest hair of about 0.5 mm that waxing stripes normally don’t do, which makes it a good choice for those more particular ones who like to stay spotlessly clean down there.

The pivotal head of the epilator adapts to the contours of your body for a comfortable experience, while at the same time, working very efficiently. The vibrations in the epilator provide a high frequency massage for a gentle and soothing experience.

This product can be used dry or under the shower, according to what’s more comfortable for you. This makes maintaining easy too as all you have to do is rinse it under running water after use. You can then use the brush that comes along for any extra hairs that stick.

You can take your time as the device lasts for an hour and 50 minutes on a single charge..And when you’re done, you can make use of the trimmer that comes along with the product to tidy up any extra hair.

This epilator is designed with a body of rose gold, and is also available in white, so you can choose what’s more aesthetically appealing to you.

2. Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

The best part about it is, as we said above, it gets rid of hair that is 4 times shorter than hair that is pulled out in a normal process of waxing, pulling every little strand from the root to give you results that are long-lasting.

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the epilator is also designed to give you a superior grip so you can use it comfortably, no matter how long you work with it.

The wide head and the unique ceramic disks grabs the finest flat hairs and gives you fast results so you don’t have to struggle with it, like you would with the razor. You can use it under the shower or in the comfort of your bedroom.

And here’s the good news of all. This epilator can also be used for your underarms, hands, legs and even parts of your face.

3. Panasonic ES-ED90 Epilator

Finally, if you are looking for something that is easy and comfortable to use, here is another good choice from Panasonic for you. This epilator can be used in the shower for a faster experience but you can use it in the comfort of your bedroom too.

The best part about this product is that it works genty, producing a rich foam, leaving your skin soft and smooths the process. The epilatort has a 60 degree pivoting head with 48 tweezing disks that pull out the hair from the root.

And with the LED light, you can check to see the progress so as to catch all those tiny stray flay hairs and come out with a clear skin.

This epilator comes with a variety of attachments for your arms, legs, underarms and even your foot to get rid of all loose dry skin leaving it soft and supple too.

Buying a Brazilian Epilator – Things To Look For

Okay, so you have read enough and are probably left feeling confused about the epilator you need to buy and which one’s going to suit your needs.

So, to make your work easy, here are a few pointers that you can keep in mind before browsing through epilatorts or making a choice among the above mentioned epilators for your Brazilian wax.

The Number of Tweezers

Epilators come with a different number of tweezers. The more the tweezers on your epilator, the faster you get to work with it, as you obviously get to pull out more hair at a time.

Speed Settings

Most epilators come with two or three speed settings. Speed settings, as the name suggests, give you a choice of the speed levels, letting you work faster. This is important as sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini area would require a much slower speed setting.


Attachments let you use the same epilator on different areas of your body, as the caps and tweezers vary in intensity according to sensitivity of that area in your body.

Wet and Dry

Most epilators today come with this feature, which makes it very convenient as you can choose the way you want to use it each time, according to your comfort that day.

Corded and Cordless

Cordless epilators are either rechargeable or battery operated and are generally capable of being used under the shower. These are also very convenient as they liberate you from the restriction of wires and let you glide the device over different areas of your body freely.

Built in Light

This is a feature that is increasingly found in most modern epilators today, letting you scrutinise all those interior areas that are hard to check, especially when it comes to the bikini area.


If you have been working with epilators for quite some time, you would agree that this is a feature that could be useful, so you don’t have to wait for the baby or elderly member in the next room to wake up before you begin working on your skin.

Makes sense right? So now that you know all that needs to be known, consider the features that would be more important for you and check to see the epilator that would be good for you.

Tips for Brazilian Epilating

Epilating is a serious job and so before you jump to buy an epilator and begin using it on your skin, let’s not get excited but take a moment to learn all that there is to do to get the best out of your new epilator in the process:

Check the Length of Your Hair

Note that the bikini area is one of the most sensitive for epilating so no matter what features and speed settings your epilator comes with, you can’t get it near your skin if the length of the hair is more than 5mm.

What do we do in such a case?

Consider shaving the first time and then when you have hair of 0.55 mm. Use the epilator on your skin. Remember not to wait till it grows to 5mm the next time you touch the epilator to your skin.

Do It Under the Shower

This is why most epilators designed for a Brazilian come with a wet and dry feature. An epilator may take much longer under the shower but it’s definitely more soothing and more painless, sparing you from any red spots to deal with later.

A shower, lots of lather and then the epilator is the best way to go about it, as the lather opens pores and makes the process much easier.

Set the Right Posture

Bent under the shower is not exactly the most favourable of all postures while epilating the bikini area. There are areas that you’re going to miss, and worse, accidents that can happen, which you just wouldn’t want.

So seat yourself on the toilet, better if you could have a mirror and lots of light around. Now get to work, carefully.

Work On Your Skin

Loose skin can be very painful in the epilating process. Consider using creams that help make your skin more taut so as to give you a better experience.

Final Words

So, that was a lot of learning, wasn’t it? You can now go ahead to buy yourself an epilator and say goodbye to shaving and waxing. Remember the steps pointed out in the article and do not make any costly mistakes.

Epilators are the best that you can use on the bikinis, provided you choose your epilator wisely and use it even wisely!

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