Best Beard Trimmers for Men

Last Updated on May 26, 2021 | by Camila Jenkins

Shaving is almost a daily chore for men and in this modern era where everyone needs sophistication and speed. Moreover, replacement of old age instruments is necessity of this time. During this COVID time, everyone wants to avoid going to barber shop for shaving or trimming their beard. Using razors is time taking process as well as you may face issue of cut & burns. To cope up with this situation everyone wishes to opt for automated devices. They want to use effective handheld devices like hair clippers and beard trimmers.

An electric beard trimmer is the best option when you want to save your time & avoid cut & burns with traditional methods. With the electric beard trimmer, you may get multiple setting options for general hair trimming & precise beard touch ups.

But how to decide which of these devices ensure high fidelity cut each time. Whether you want to have a thick beard or a stubble, or a Viking beard, there is need to find a right trimmer. Considering uniqueness of your beard, we can help to edit the trimmers choice that works for you & for your lifestyle.

3 Best Beard Trimmers for Men

We have segregated and listed down top three most usable Beard Trimmers as per their type, application and uses:

1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 MG7750


  • It comes with 23 attachments.
  • A metal trimmer, a foil shaver, a detail metal trimmer, a nose & ear trimmer, an extra wide hair trimmer, 6 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, 2 stubble trimming guards, an eyebrow trimming guard, a storage & a cleaning brush.
  • Metal noncorrosive blades create clean, straight lines & evenly trim through the thickest hair.
  • Foil shaver creates clean edges.
  • Trimming guards to trim beard, stubble, head & body.
  • Extra wide hair trimmer for quick trim.
  • Nose & ear trimmer for removing unwanted hair.
  • These extras can help you getting more precise trimming experience.

Battery Life:

Considering your intricate shaving routine, you need a better battery life for getting a perfect beard trimming in morning.

This product has a powerful lithium-ion battery delivers 5 hours run time per charge. Charging time is 2 hours.

When you are away for your business trip or for a holiday, this battery life can work out to be most useful thing as you may use it for few days without charging. We generally take 25-30 minutes to carve our facial fuzz.

Cutting System:

To get the even & precise cut, it has a dual cut cutting system. Blades of this product is self-sharpening that are sharp as day 1 after 5 years of use.

Ease of Use:

  • Stainless steel handle with no-slip rubber grip.
  • Fully washable trimmer that can be easily rinsed under water.
  • Reinforced guards which won’t buckle while using.
  • Corded & cordless use.
  • Maintenance free as no oil needed.
  • Battery low indicator and charging indicator on display.

2. Wahl Aqua Blade Beard and Stubble Trimmer 9899


  • It comes with 23 pieces with 4 interchangeable heads.
  • An extreme precision T-blade, a detail shaver heads, rotary nose/ear trimmer head, a detail trimmer head. 12 attachment guard.
  • Extreme T-blade for super close trimming.
  • With their precise blades, this trimmer cut as close as 0.2 mm.
  • These attachments are extremely helpful in getting touch ups of moustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble, nose & ear, other face & body hair.

Battery Life:

This product comes with lithium-ion battery delivers 2.5 to 3 hours run time per charge.

Quick charging of 3 minutes can give 5 minutes of instant power.

This product has a World-wide charger. Dual voltage allows this trimmer to be used domestically with 110 v or internationally with 220 v.

With powerful battery life, it is especially useful at home, travel or business trips.

Cutting System:

It has a patented low noise extreme precision self-sharpening precision blades.

This provides an ultra-close cutting experience.

Ease of Use:

  • This device is waterproof which can be used in shower.
  • Reinforced guards which will not buckle while using.
  • Compact & cordless design.
  • LED charge lights to know if it is fully charged.
  • This comes with electronic travel lock.

3. Panasonic ER-GB80-S


  • It comes with 3 attachments.
  • Quick-adjust dial can easily create your look & style. It is located on the handle and it provide 39 precision settings for personalized trim lengths.
  • Three comb attachment also can create seamless personalized trim lengths.
  • Beard/Moustache and hair comb attachment.
  • Three precision attachments clip quickly and securely onto the trimmer head for clean, confident and exact trimming lengths.

Battery Life:

It has a rechargeable Ni-MH battery with AC adapter.

It has a 50 minutes operating time in 1 hour charging.

Cutting System:

High performance blade can be replaced when dull to deliver clean for superior grooming quality.

This provides an ultra-close cutting experience.

Ease of Use:

  • Slide up trimmer can trim the perfect edge and it can remove unwanted hairs.
  • Washable and can be cleaned under running water.
  • Precision 45-degree blade for a superior trim.
  • Cordless can be used or can be used as plug in.
  • This device is light in weight & durable and it has ergonomic design and rubberized grip of the trimmer highly ensures user comfort and pure control for outstanding cutting and trimming results.


Our edits are based on different criteria of an electric device which can not only trim your beard at finest way or can be used beyond this. Also, a trimmer should have a powerful motor, sleek & user-friendly design, thick & rigid blades, guide combs, grooming accessories etc.

Moreover, Some more key points like, comfortability of trimmer while holding, are all the attachments useful, easy to use in hard-to-reach areas, Battery life, cutting system, how close the trimmer trim the beard etc.

While choosing best all of them, we pick the best one i.e., Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 MG7750. It is an all-round trimmer which can trim the beard quickly through a thick beard. It comes with many useful accessories that can make it a versatile choice. Sleek stainless-steel body feel fine in the hand where crosshatched rubber portion prevent this from slipping. Self-sharpening blades & low maintenance are added advantage. Charging time & charged battery allows this device to use while on business trips or for outings with family. Best part of this device, it does not require oiling.

However, other 2 devices also are powerful enough that can be used with their advantages.

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